Nature, Nature Medicine, Nature Reviews Cancer. Who hasn’t dreamt of publishing in one of these journals?

As part of our MSCA-ESR training on complementary skills we got to leave the wet lab to explore what happens on the other side of the bench and to learn what it means to be a scientific editor. This is our story.

Metabolic adaptation of acute lymphoblastic leukemia to the central nervous system microenvironment is dependent on Stearoyl CoA desaturase

Metabolic reprogramming is a key hallmark of cancer, but less is known about metabolic plasticity of the same tumor at 

How cancer cells communicate to their environment under metabolic stress situations

The new work developed in the lab of META-CAN’s coordinator, Cristina Muñoz-Pinedo, has finally seen the light in a paper at PNAS. The study has been possible thanks to an amazing group of researchers and the funding of two MSCA Actions: TRAINERS (GA 675448) and META-CAN (GA 766214).

Dana-Farber's Anthony Letai, MD, PhD (@DrTonyLetai), will be speaking at today's Connect: Science seminar series! Join us at 12 PM EST for a virtual talk on #cancer treatment and the mitochondria cc @LLSusa

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MetaboList - June 2020
A lot to read this summer 🙂
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