Jean-Ehrland Ricci

The main focus of the “Metabolic control of cell deaths” lab is to understand how the deregulated metabolism of cancer cells might impact their response to chemotherapy and to the anti-cancer immune response. The laboratory mainly focuses on the study of non-Hodgkin B lymphomas. Lymphoma is a common cancer in the Western world. 90% of aggressive lymphomas originate from B-cells and are classified as diffuse large B-cell lymphomas (DLBCLs), a genetically heterogeneous group of tumors. Their main two work lines are: (i) to determine if the inhibition of the metabolism can modulate cell death and the anti-cancer immune response, and (ii) analyze the role of non-metabolic functions of glycolytic enzymes in oncogenesis and response to treatment.

Bâtiment Universitaire ARCHIMED
151 route Saint Antoine de Ginestière
BP 2 3194 (respecter l'espace après le 2)
06204 NICE CEDEX 3, France

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