Manuel Grima

Name of the institute: INSERM U1065, Mediterranean Center for Molecular Medicine (C3M).
Name of the team: Metabolism, Cancer and Immune response
Name of the leader: JE RICCI, PhD. 
Location: Nice, France.
Abstract of the project: Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) are very common and aggressive tumors with exacerbated metabolism. Despite the breakthrough treatments with anti-CD20 immunotherapy (Rituximab, R), associated with the conventional treatment CHOP (referred as R-CHOP), 40% of patients with DLBCL are ultimately in treatment failure. Interestingly, 80% of DLBCL do not express asparagine synthase (ASNs) that catalyzes the conversion of glutamine and aspartate into asparagine, a nonessential amino acid that participates in the synthesis of DNA and protein synthesis. Therefore, the PhD student, will analyze if L-Asparaginase (a drug that depletes Asn from the circulation) could be proposed as a complementary treatment to R-CHOP refractory patients. The project will be conducted in cell lines, murine and human primary cells as well as in vivo.

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