Scientific Traning @EMBO Workshop

META-CAN collaborated in this year’s EMBO Cancer Signaling and Cancer Therapy workshop as part of our ESRs’ scientific training. This workshop is one of the most prestigious conferences on signal transduction with up to 300 participants from all over the world! The program included lectures from experts on the field of cancer biology focusing on a broad spectrum of subjects ranging from signal mechanism, cancers stem cells, tumor-stroma interactions, cancer evolution, tumor heterogeneity up to cancer therapy. The lectures included an overview of key aspects already known in the research community, but also novel important findings on the field.
ESRs had the wonderful opportunity to learn about basic cancer research, get into touch with leading researchers in the field, get valuable input and exchange knowledge with other ESRs at the poster sessions. The speakers were eager to discuss about their projects and answer to questions of the students.
We would like to thank our PI Maria Sibilia from the Medical University of Vienna (Austria) for a well-organized successful conference, training and the opportunity to network in the cancer community.

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